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How to contact AICTE JK Scholarship PMSSS helpline number 2021 2022
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Are seats reserved for pmsss students in DU if the registration of pmsss starts late and DU dates for registration ended then what will happen
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yes the seats are reserved and we don't have to worry about their last dates.
just take care of the pmsss registrations.

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To solve pmsss scholarship queries AICTE JK scholarship helpline number is 011-29581043/07/08/51/10/09. AICTE will also be having an email helpdesk 2021 for pmsss students just like previous years where [email protected] and [email protected] emails were used to solve the doubts of students.

PMSSS Technical portal issue 

Various students find problems in their portal such as :
  1. Showing pmsss documents not verified.
  2. Pending actions
  3. Scholarship not completed
  4. Bank verification by Institute
To solve the pmsss technical issue related to the portal AICTE has provided a helpline number 011-29581333 & 011-29581338.
According to AICTE Helpline number/email / Grievance Mechanism will be available from Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and for the technical-related issue, the contact number will be available on all working days.

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