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The admission fees of DTU is more than 1.25 LPA due to which many students are confused about whether to join it or not. AICTE has clearly mentioned that they will pay 1.25 lakhs directly in the account of the institution and no extra amount will be paid to the college neither by AICTE nor by the student. They have mentioned it in the methodology under the brochure of pmsss 21. 

There is my friend who studies at the Delhi College of Engineering under PMSSS says that the college does not ask them for extra money or fees and they follow proper guidelines by the AICTE. There are many private colleges that demand extra fees which is wrong. Nowadays many colleges are understanding the power of AICTE and are not going against the rules whereas a student helpline is also available if such cases are found. 

No institution can charge extra fees from PMSSS students

The above screenshot is taken from the methodology released by AICTE for admissions under PMSSS 21 on 6th September 2021

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