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Students who need the scholarship to study after 12th class are eligible for the Prime Minister's special scholarship Scheme. jk pmsss 2021 is offering students to study outside Jammu and Kashmir.

The Application form will be released online for the students in the month of June to July ( According to previous patterns ) last year due to covid pmsss registration begin from 6th July 2020.

What is PMSSS Scholarship

Prime Minister Special Scholarship Scheme is for JK and Ladakh students to fulfill their dreams of studying after 12th in various government-recognized institutions.

Check the article to know more about PMSSS Scholarship.

PMSSS Scholarship 2021 Date, Application form

Due to covid 19, the application date for PMSSS 2021 has not yet officially announced the starting dates have already been extended by AICTE.

pmsss login and registration 2021

 PMSSS Eligibility Criteria

Students who want to study out of J&K are eligible for PMSSS Scholarship. Apart from this, there are other criteria like family income, documents required, 12th passing board, etc.

Check all the eligibility criteria from here.

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