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Need information about this college and its placement etc....

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The college is one of the top engineering colleges in South India. The college is ranked second among Self Financing College in Tamil Naidu and it has 57th Rank in NIRF RANKING. Coming straight to the advantages or you can say benefits of the college.

The benefits are listed below.

1. Excellent teaching Staff always ready to guide.

2. Good hostel facilities 

3.Excellent transport Connectivity to a college campus 

4. Excellent career opportunities to students of the college as almost 85% of the students get decent jobs in  Multinational companies.


1 . MECHANICAL BRANCH  - Hyundai, Renault Nissan, TVS groups, Vedanta, and many more ...

2. CSE/IT  - Zoho, HP, AMAZON Highest package was around 27 LPA 

3. FOOD TECHNOLOGY  -Nestle, Dairymilk(100% placement )

Companies like Infosys,  Wipro come for placements in this college.

If you are joining the college then it's a very good decision.

Infrastructure:- Well planned constructions are done. The college consists of Computer labs , Seminar halls , laboratories, and libraries for every department. 

Evaluation and feedback:- The college is made life by its professors and support staff. The College has one of the best professors and feedback about every professor is taken for the scope of improvement.

The college has many clubs that build leadership qualities inside the student. Also, the college has an elaborate set of throughout the year where it gives a platform for teachers, students, and other staff to enjoy and maintain good relationships among themselves.

Eligibility for Kongu Engineering College through PMSSS in 2021-22
Category Marks/Merit Rank Needed 
OPEN Marks above 402 and rank above 5500
SEBC,ST,SC Marks above 385 and rank above 7650

Now, Coming to the cons of the college.

1. The college location is a little bit remote but it has one of the best placements in south region engineering colleges.

 2 . Students taking admission under PMSSS  face problems related to language and food but within a month or two everything will be fine.

Please, Share the website if this helped you.

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According to us their would be much students in this college as the seats of the college gets alloted in first round and not much seats remain vacant for second round of counselling.
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ok. sir. Thank you very much
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What are reviews of students who are studying in this college, are lectures given in English....
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Yes. Professor are teaching only in english. Also a better place to study engineering those who joined under pmsss. because they won't collect any extra fees from us. As a special think I want to share with you people that during this lock down students who are got allotment to kongu engineering college under pmsss 2021 and joined the college through online mode they also got their books & Note Books  to their respective home town via post from the college its also creating a good impression about the college services to students and many thinks available to share. But if you have make use of the college facility it seems you will achieve your dream goal  when you are completion of your course.
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The extra facilities available for students in kongu engineering college links are listed below

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