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My college is located in Uttar Pradesh. The college teaching staff is good but the management staff of the college is not that good in some matters. It's a well-reputed college and you can get this college with a rank up to 2000 in the pmsss merit list. 

Coming to the activities that are performed in college include various Techfests, cultural programs many Indian celebrities visit this college and the college is best, as everything you get inside the college campus.

The hostels are quite good but the food is not that good it's just average. If you are coming to this college then you should try to get into cse because the placements of Computer science branch is pretty good. companies like Microsoft, Wipro, TCS visit the campus for in-campus placements ad offer good packages.

The Highest package offered till now ranges between 12 to 15 lakhs. you could also get this college by your JEE marks and also by UPSEE(UTTAR PRADESH STATE ENTRANCE EXAM ).  But for jk students, 2 seats for each branch is reserved in the scholarship quota. So, All the best and keep going forward.

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Thanks for your review. I am sure it will help someone. yes

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