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Our Campus is good but in studies and to gain industry knowledge you have to do self-study. The language problem is the greatest barrier for J&K students in this college. Teachers are good but don't know Hindi as they belong to Andhra Pradesh and speak Telugu mostly

Placements are also fewer in our college and if u got one then the yearly package is not acceptable and you won't be able to make your bread and butter from it. 

 The hostel is just amazing but again in case of mess and food varieties, it is rubbish. Mostly the food is South Indian and I personally don’t like south Indian food but some J&K students do like idle dosa too. To be honest, the food was just average and once a month, they give good food.

For sports-loving students, there is a great opportunity in our college. Our college campus is having more than 8 grounds for different sports.

Gyms are also available in the hostel whereas it is good to have computer labs in the hostel too and you don’t have to go to the college’s academic building every time to complete your project.

I will not prefer for J&K students as it is too far and if the placement is not good then why waste your important part of our life here.

At last, I would only say that please don’t fall into the trap of the scholarship and join college just for the sake of scholarship.

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Thanks for sharing you college review, so that others can make their choice better .

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