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Swami Shraddhanand college, Alipur , New Delhi (Delhi university )I’m a student of Swami Shraddhanand College, University of Delhi pursuing my bachelor's degree. The college campus comprises two buildings, new and old. The new building is for science and arts(Hons) students while the old building is for the commerce department.

 The college is located in Alipur, on the outskirts of north Delhi. Management’s working is fine and I personally haven’t encountered any problem. The staff is highly educated and helpful.

The college infrastructure is good, has a well-maintained library and classrooms. Many students like me are studying under the pmsss scheme in this college and it's really a nice college for pursuing a general degree course.

 You can also get admission through sports quota as the college has a historical background and our college team is one of the best in DU (Delhi University). Himanshu Rana a student of my college has played for team India under-19 against England in 2017 and many more.

 The college has many societies like music, drama, art, commerce and many more which help in the overall development of a student. So, overall the college is good. 

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Thanks for the review . This will help many .
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