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Hello everyone, 

The reason why I am reviewing my college is that the college is really worth it and everyone should know about it, I got into my college without paying anything only because of the Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme but your 12 merit should be high enough( at least in top 150 in the pmsss allotment list ) 

Starting with the environment that is very important for everyone as a student the college provides a very cool environment to you.

 I am a third-year mechanical student and I must say I am at the right place because DCE not only makes engineers but also prepare you for the hardships of life. The college has good hostels plus you get free wifi in the campus.

 I would like to rate my college  10/10 for infrastructure including sports facilities. There are various clubs formed which help us to learn and enjoy as well. I am part of the Robotics club and have visited many colleges for the competition. All the faculty members are very supportive and open for help at any time of the day.

The placements and internships are quite decent but it all depends that how you take up the opportunities and prepare for them if you want to go ahead in your career.

The Alumni network is very strong and you don't have to struggle for placements because many good companies visit the campus. The industrial connectivity of the college is quite impressive. Also, the avg placement of the college ranges from 12 LPA to 15 LPA. 

The college is situated in a posh area that too works as a plus factor for the motivation you need to go for this college.  At last, I Would like to say that if you are getting this college and you should not think twice before freezing it.

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Thanks for your review. I am sure it will help someone. yes

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