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How to Get a Scholarship for Jadavpur University, West Bengal?
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Hey Everyone, I am Pallavi Digra 2nd year B.E. IT student of this prestigious government institute. This college doesn't need any introduction when it comes to academics and research. The placement history of this institute speaks for itself.  Getting admission to this college is not at all an easy job, hence PMSSS is a great opportunity making it a lot easy to get into this institute but on the other side of this, it does bring some challenges that won't make your life here too easy.

You may doubt your own capabilities and underestimate yourself at first as of course students around you will be brighter and sharper and you may seem like a retard in front of them (that's what happened with me)but all you need to do is a little bit more hard work than others and your life will be smoother. Focus only on what you want to achieve and make maximum use of this opportunity. Apart from this, you may also face some language barriers and cultural differences but all will be fine with time.

Talking of placements, a lot of good companies visit the campus and you need not worry about good opportunities here. The mean CTC of the last batch of our department(Information Technology) was 16.57 LPA  and the median CTC was around 15 LPA.

This college consist of two campuses, if you get any branch out of power, IT, printing, construction, instrumentation then you will get the second campus. The main camps have a more lively environment, but the second campus has its own perks.

About the admissions, it was a smooth process, but it took a lot more time than expected. I got 91.6% in my 12th boards(CBSE) which was not sufficient to get me CSE branch in this college but luckily I got IT, all my batchmates from Jammu have scored around 90-95%. So, I guess you need around 93-95% to get a good branch through PMSSS.

The hostel/mess facilities are not so good especially for boys, can't say much but haven't heard the most pleasant things from them, the girl's hostel is fine though. Other facilities like canteen, medical facilities are passable and not at all satisfactory.

Talking of attendance, there are no such criteria of mandatory 75% attendance but some teachers do give you marks on the basis of your attendance but a minimum of 75% attendance in labs is mandatory

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Thanks for your review Pallavi,

I am sure this will help other students to know better about the Jadavpur University from the perspective of a J&K student studying under PMSSS.
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