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INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (IIM) gives admission to students on the basis of the Graduation Entrance exam that is known as CAT( Common Admission Test ). The entrance consists of three sections and the exam is conducted in a time span of 2 hours. You should score a minimum of 80 percentile for Baby IIM's and above 85 percentile for Main IIM's that is IIM Ahemdabad, IIM  Bangalore, etc. 

For taking admission in IIM's ( that is getting a call from IIM ) your profile matters a lot that includes your 10 th standard marks, 12th standard marks, Graduation marks, and work Experience in case you have a gap in your studies. 

Also, IIM's offer mostly Post graduation courses (i.e MBA /PGDM /PGP/PGPM /FPM)and post-graduation is not eligible for the scholarship according to the PMSSS scholarship Norms. Pmsss scholarship only provides a scholarship for under graduation courses. Though   you can not take admission in IIM 's under  PMSSS , But AICTE  has  many scholarships among which one of the scholarships is PG scholarship for University Rank Holders this scholarship is awarded to university rank holders that are first and second rank holders. 

The beneficiary candidates will be provided Rupees 3100 per month for 2 years and no other financial assistance will be provided besides that. So, you should try for this scholarship scheme. 

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I was asking for IPM programme

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