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What you need, to get into VJTI(Mumbai) through PMSSS

For PMSSS students, if You want to take admission to Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, I recommend You to take CS, IT, Electronic and electronic, and telecommunications branches. If you scored 450 marks in 12th, you can easily get CS and IT branches in it.

Placements: VEERMATA JIJABAI TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE is known for its placements and superior produce. My course is mechanical engineering, and I am currently in my 3rd year. The placement of noncore branches is much better than core branches. The core engineers don’t get enough opportunity to get placement. On the other hand, placement for noncore branches is excellent, students from cs, it branches get the placement of over 50 lakhs if they have good knowledge in their subject. The average package of noncore branches is 10-12 LPA and the average package of core branches is 2-3 LPA.     

Infrastructure: The quality of the infrastructure is so poor because it is a very old college. There is no free Wi-Fi provided by the college to students. The quality of the hostel infra is too poor, the hostel buildings are not well maintained and the condition of buildings are the worst. The quality of food in mess is also not too good. The condition of labs in Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute is too bad, the computers in the computer lab don’t work properly and in some lab the instruments are broken, the error we get using this instrument is 80-90%, so by seeing error we can estimate that the condition of the instruments and machines in the lab.  

Faculty: The maximum Faculty of first-year students is contractual basis. Faculty of 2,3 and 4 is permanent but only in core branches. Teachers don't pay much attention to students. Teachers have no interest if students get internships or placement. And the teaching system is worst. There are hardly any classes for noncore branches in 3 and 4 years. The teaching process in Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute is not good, teachers pay no interest towards students. You can’t compete in any exam after qualified from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute college because teachers don’t provide any extra knowledge that we can use to clear any competitive exam. 

The campus life of cs and it students is probably good

Placements: I would rate the placements 5 out of 10. The placement officer is much interested in improving the statistics rather than understanding what students are interested in. Most of them end up with an IT job irrespective of their branch. There is hardly any placement for core students in core companies, 

Infrastructure: I would rate the infrastructure 6 out of 10. It is a government foundation, so students can't expect much. Funds are not used where they should be used. Most of the endowments are used to pay the stipend of the contractual faculty members. Laboratories are not well-equipped, with a few exceptions. We could easily manipulate readings. 

Faculty: I would rate the teaching 5 out of 10. I had high presumption from the faculty unit when I took admission at VEERMATA JIJABAI TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE, as it is familiar as one of the preeminent colleges, at least in Maharashtra. Furthermore, after two exceptionally Tough years and a lot of hard work to get admission, I look for this. However, it was a disappointment. Ethically, the first year's faculty members were much superior to the successive year’s faculty members. 

I have seen the worst form of teaching in VEERMATA JIJABAI TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE, which is also the same for computer engineering.  Computer and IT departments scarcely have lessons in the last year. Faculty members are not interested in teaching, and no students are also interested in sitting for the lectures. It is because there is a high proportion of contractual faculty members. There are very a small number of permanent emeritus professors in VEERMATA JIJABAI TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE in more or less all departments.

Contractual faculty members are generally newly graduated with an experience of 0 to 3 years. They are graduated from tier-3 engineering colleges and end up teaching at VEERMATA JIJABAI TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE because they could not find good jobs after graduating. The teaching is marks-oriented, so no one wants to learn. Some professors give a question bank and ask questions from it in the exam. You can score well if you have read the topic from which a long theoretical question is asked in the exam. If you caper that topic, then it would be strenuous. However, there are extraordinary faculty members as well in all the departments in the college. Some of them are very good and dedicated to their work.

Other: A few other research laboratories are also available in VEERMATA JIJABAI TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE. However, these facilities are only available to a few departments, and nothing is done in this area. Students who are interested in research are most often disappointed as there is no proper guidance or infrastructure. Research requires huge funding where VEERMATA JIJABAI TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE lacks. I would rate 7 out of 10 for opportunities provided here. Exam schedules are scheduled in such a way that students get enough time between semesters to do something extra. There is more focus on the independent study as teaching is almost nil here. So, scholars get to learn a lot themselves. 



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