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yes !, majority of students are Bengali, it will take some time to be friendly with them. you may not understand how to talk at first but try to communicate as much as you can and eventually it will become normal(everybody knows Hindi as well :)) and you will eventually bond with people knowing your language.

 Apart from WB, there are students from Bihar and Jharkhand as well, so there is a little bit of richness in terms of culture but of course, its predominated by Bengalis only.   

Sometimes teachers(very few) also start teaching in Bengali, so you have to ask them, again and again, to teach in English. Other than that you may not face any problems in terms of language.

 The Salt-lake campus and the adjoining areas are peaceful, not too noisy.

ps: this was about the second campus, I don't know much about the main campus, things are quite different there.


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