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The college is a private Engineering college situated in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The city of Udaipur is famous for its Lakes popularly known as the city of Lakes. This college offers  B.tech  in  2.2 lakhs excluding the hostel fees. The hostel fee is also feasible. The college is an affordable college and if you are poor you can start your engineering career here. But is it worth it? read further to get all your answers 

College location 

The location of the college is very impressive you can get all the amenities near you. Also, you can enjoy your college life within the campus and outside the campus.


The faculty members are quite helpful and cooperative and will help you in every possible way they can. Most of them are highly qualified and a few of the professors are still interns in the college who work on a daily basis. The college organizes many workshops for students but they are paid that is you have to pay from your pocket to take part in the workshops organized.


The placements of the college are good but if you are expecting a package of 12 LPA then you are at the wrong place the average placement is about 6-7 lakhs per annum that too is offered to very few students. Most of the students studying here are locals from the Udaipur area and very few of them are outsiders. Hence, the placements are not good but keeping in view the ROI( Return on Investment rate ) it is a decent college you can join the college at your risk if you want.

Curriculum and Syllabus

The curriculum of the college is slightly poor from the other universities available in the same fees. Also, no extra circular activities are promoted in the college. Very few fests take place in the college and that too are way boring.

If you are thinking to join the college, please search for some other colleges because you will regret your decisions after joining the college.

You can read more college reviews here:-https://pmsss.in/questions/college-reviews

Hope this helped 


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