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i completed my 12th class in 2019 with 85% then in 2020 i got admission in engineering college through pmsss now i  currently studying in 1st year but i have lot of problems here is it possible to  to cancel my admission ? And can i apply for 2020-21 batch ?
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Sir I got 97%in 12 class in 2021 so I get admission in this year and which date Pmss form be out

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No, it may not be possible as the government will not give scholarship again and again to a single student only.

Please be very sure before canceling admission as AICTE may have changed its reforms and now it may be not possible to get a scholarship next year once you cancel the admission this year.

Try to contact the AICTE helpline about your problem, you can click here to know how to contact AICTE 

 Read a similar question from here https://pmsss.in/331/how-to-cancel-admission

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Yes Syed, It is possible to apply again after canceling the admission. You have to apply again next year by filling the online application form and verifying the documents again.

I know many students who have canceled their admission after studying for 1 year, and now they are studying again under PMSSS.

But I believe you can only apply next year after that if you will again cancel the admission then I am not sure.

I will also suggest you, try to change the university or the college under the same university if you are finding problems studying in the current college. This is possible If you talk with AICTE and the college and they find your reason valid.

Private colleges don't easily allow you to change college but government colleges give you support in your problems, but you have to talk with AICTE to change the college while continuing your scholarship.

Hope this was helpful, Please share this website with your friends so they can also get help if they are planning to study through PMSSS.

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Please share this to people of Jammu and Kashmir who are facing problems related to scholarship . So ,that the pmsss community  can help every student of J&k .
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I think only those students can apply if they are not previously studying under PMSSS.

If you were studying previously in a different college without PMSSS and now you want to cancel the admission and apply for PMSSS you can do that.
But if you were studying under PMSSS and next year you again want to apply for PMSSS then I don't think that government will give you a scholarship again and again.

Please don't take the risk and firstly confirm with the AICTE PMSSS  official helpline.
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If you want, You can send your details to the inbox personally to Arun from here https://pmsss.in/user/Arunv8397 so that he can get in touch with you to solve your problem.
He has been involved with this issue maybe he can help you better.

You will have to register yourself first on the website from https://pmsss.in/register?to=  to send private messages.
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Thanks i will contact
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did you get the scholarship

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