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What are the examination fees of a college/University under PMSSS .Do we have to pay anything with respect to exam/university fees, if we are studying under PMSSS ?
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Don't confuse exam fees with academic fees.

When you are studying through pmsss AICTE provides academic fees to the college, not the university exam fees which are nearly around 3000 for each semester.

The hostel fees are given in the student's account.

The student has to pay both the hostel fees and university exam fees to the college

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No, you don't have to pay the examination fee . If you are studying through JK pmsss scheme. As it will be credited to your college as academic fees.

Please feel free if you still have doubts.
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In some colleges, the examination fee is not included in the academic fee in that case you have to pay it separately .
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We don't have to pay examination and University fees , Government will pay all this fees in academic fee.You please don't pay them even a single penny

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