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Sir I was asking I want to cancel admission under pmsss or collége if I cancel admission after getting admission thére can I apply again in pmsss

If I can't able to pay left 10k hostel fee from own pocket móney because I am selected under pmsss

Its possible or not

Plz read be carefully
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Tell the college that you have not received the scholarship yet and currently I don't have money to pay the left 10k .

Request the college to give you some time to pay the fees, tell them that you will pay as soon as AICTE will release the scholarship . Don't be in a hurry to cancel the admission.

Recently on 28 june AICTE has issued a warning to college not to demand money from PMSSS students unnecessarily.

If they are asking you to pay the hostel fees and you are not staying in hostel then there is no sense to pay the fees , just show them the letter from AICTE.
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