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Can I take admission in aicte approved college on the basis of my merit right now before the release of pmsss 2021-2022 and later avail the benefit of scholarship when the registration begins?

I have been granted provisional admission by symbiosis college of arts and commerce.Can I take admission now and still get the pmsss scholarship?
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Yes, it is possible to avail the pmsss scholarship after taking admission to an AICTE approved college. You can take the admission now and later when the application form will be released you have to follow all the processes including document verification and all. 

Usually, pmsss only gives scholarships for the colleges which are allotted to the students after the choice filling in the online process but sometimes they also provide scholarships if the student has taken admission in an AICTE affiliated college on his own merit. AICTE demands that the student should have passed JEE mains, NEET, CLAT, or any national level examination to take that admission.

Symbiosis college of arts and commerce is though aicte affiliated it is not been yet alloted to you through PMSSS. I cannot guarantee you that you will get the scholarship later as it depends on the no. of seats vacant or the no. of applications this year and finally the decision will be from AICTE. I would request you to call AICTE helpline no. and ask them , will I get the scholarship for symbiosis through pmsss so that they will check in their records that is it possible or not. depending on their response you can take your decision.

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It is almost impossible to contact aicte.They don't pick up calls.Even the symbiosis college staff doesnot pick up the calls.I don't know whom to contact in such situation.

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