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Can I cancel admission under pmsss after 1st sem because they didn't sent 1st sem maintenance fee only 20k sent that's why I want to cancel admission

And tell one thing can I apply once again pmsss this year 2019 batch
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Yes , you can cancel the admission after 1 st sem .Just ask your college pmsss faculty to mark your exit through college login in pmsss college portal.

Also , you can not apply again as you have been a beneficiary of the scholarship scheme  this year the scholarship will not be granted to any student twice .
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Why do you want to cancel admission, if the reason is 20k then don't cancel the admission because we never know about this covid 19 , and AICTE had said that they will release 20k only until this pandemic don't gets over and classes are not back in offline mode.

As you said you want to apply again but then you won't be eligible as AICTE has already released allowance for you and they will not pay again, so think wisely and make your decision.
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