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I am an EX-student of this college. The college management is just ridiculous. I got to this college through online counseling under pmsss. At that time, I was not much aware of this college and its management. When I visit here the first time, they told me about all the facilities, but it was all bluff. I didn't get any facility, they promised me at the time of admission. It was just all the whole lie, just a trap for the students, and even took our original documents, so we can't leave even. The PMSSS student can't even leave the hostel because they threatened me to allow to sit in the examination hall. they don't even issue admit card. Being forced for the fee more than any student who comes with direct admission.

After being much hurt and irritated, when I try to leave the hostel, they just make excuses and try to roam us all the time whenever I talk about the hostel leaving. The management does not behave well, they do not talk politely with anyone. Behaviour is the mirror of any human being, bad behavior leads to problems.

At Last, I just wanna say, don't freeze the seat of this college and also don't come with direct admission otherwise your future will be spoiled.

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you are right bro. .. I also got this college through pmsss but i was unaware at that time, of this college mangement.
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Pmsss committee should issue a warning to this college .
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Have you tried emailing to AICTE? Have you tried to contact with PMSSS Admin? If not try once they might help you. They might explain college administration and help you out. Discussion is the only key to resolve issues.
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We tried bro... But we are being tortured by the college.
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