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Talking about the structure it is beneath hopes but that does not make a difference when you are in the institution.

 The college has a genuinely good background for coding and other events and a lot of decent seniors to guide you.

 placement is really good for CE IT branches and you will never regret it if you have made efforts to get into those enterprises. You will get a lot of changes in the college.

There is a 25:1 faculty-student ratio. Some professors are approachable and understanding while others are really strict.

 Just do your assignments and projects on time and everything will be easy for you in engineering. The teaching methodology is a little poor and may bore you sometimes, but there is no language barrier for J&K students as mostly English and Hindi is used in college.

Placements start from the final year. Airtel, Samsung like companies visit every year. Approx 82% of students get campus placements and recently a student bagged a 25lakh per year package.

Our college, from the violet line metro location, is very near so it is particularly easy to reach college from the metro station.

Our college celebrated CULMYCA as a fest every year and it contains lots of fun events for 3 days consistently and lots of student participation. DJ night, star night, and many more are few examples of this cultural event. There are many other events also celebrated every year just like other engineering colleges.

Annual fees are around 60 thousand for the whole year and are given semester-wise through the online portal. But we don’t have to worry about the college fees as it is directly reimbursed in the college account from AICTE.

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Can you please help me with the line The faculity student ratio is 25:1  . 

What i am able to understand is that there are more staff members then students ??

Please correct me if I am wrong .

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No that's not the case....25:1 ratio is in practical classes....like in many other colleges, students are divided into groups for practical sessions so that the guides/teachers can reach & clear doubts of every single student or group....For theory classes it's almost 70:1 .Hope it clears your doubt : )

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