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I secured good marks in 12 th but I don't want to take the  scholarship  option because I think ,I can study better here in my own city and also can enjoy my life here ??  

Can anyone provide me with some suggestions ?
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Yes Zubair, even I feel that students studying here in Jammu and Kashmir or Ladakh can exceed well. We have good colleges and universities and also we can enjoy ourselves more in our own place. While everything has its pros and cons, I will tell you a few pros and cons (according to me) for studying outside rest all decision is yours:-


  • Meeting different people and understand their way of thinking
  • Broader thinking mindset
  • Better career opportunities
  • Chance to study in better ranking colleges with the best minds in India
  • Even you can get a chance to study in foreign universities. 
  • Since you are studying on a scholarship, you will not face financial issues. 
  • No enjoyment with family and relatives
  • You may not attend few occasions as well
  • Few students have also issue with food, they not like food outside
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