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What will be the maintenance allowance for the PMSSS jk scholarship by AICTE for 2021-2022
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AICTE has released 20,000 as a maintenance allowance under Prime Minister Special Scholarship Scheme 2020 for PMSSS scholarship students, unlike previous years where 50,000 were released per semester.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown and shutdown of colleges and hostels, most J&K students are present in their homes and continuing their studies online due to which AICTE decided to release only 20,000 instead of 50,000 to support the online studies of students.

This year in 2021-2022 the situation of COVID-19 is similar and there are very few chances for students to join the colleges physically and it is believed that AICTE is going to release 20,000 as a maintenance allowance under Prime Minister  Special Scholarship Scheme PMSSS 2021 - 2022 though there is no official notification yet given by AICTE.

The Maintainance allowance will be released for the even semester once the continuation form is uploaded by the institutions. 

AICTE has issued a new format of continuation form which will be uploaded by the institutions to categorize the students who are attending the classes physically from the college and the students who are attending the college online from their home. Based on that the scholarship may be released to the student's account.

Students are required to upload the continuation form with the help of the institution as per the latest notice on the continuation form released by AICTE for PMSSS 2021.

Latest notification on continuation form by AICTE 2021

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