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How to get a scholarship for Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Delhi?
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This would be a 50-50 between method of getting a scholarship and a college review for Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Noida, Delhi.

I am a third-year undergraduate pursuing my Mechanical Engineering from Amity University. I got Amity through PMSSS in 2018 in the first round of jkaicte counselling. Last year no student was allotted this college but let us see this time it may be available in choice filling for the students.  If you don't know about PMSSS read from here.

The truth about 100% Placement in a college 

When you come in the third year you get to know more about the college as you start becoming secretory of various clubs, your training and placements sessions start and you learn more about the student council in the college. Before moving to placements I would like to throw some light on the internship process which starts for third-year students from the college placement cell. Now, these are those internships that college helps you to crack or appear for. Here comes the role of the college level to check how many connections it has with other MNC ( Multi-National Companies ). If your college is Tier 1 then surely it will have better companies visiting your campus for Internships and Placements.

So to achieve 100% placement in a college what college does is if a student gets an internship in one company, suppose for 15 lakhs per annum then he cannot sit for a company providing a less package than 15 LPA  which is also correct at some part but it feels very weird at that time. Don't worry many companies visit Amity every year for internships and placements. Students get a lot of opportunities for placements and internships in the colleges of Delhi.

Fees of Amity college for Engineering

The fee for one semester is 1 lakh 50 thousand which makes 3 lakhs per year for studying in amity university. 1 lakh 25 thousand is given by AICTE as I am studying under PMSSS and the rest is given from my pocket. Other scholarship options for Amity university are getting good marks in university/semester exams, getting discounts in admission fees according to 12th marks i.e if you have 93% or more in your 12th board exams then you are eligible for a 100% scholarship and no academic fees will be taken from you. Similarly for students scoring 90% marks in 12th are eligible for a 50% scholarship. Many other companies also provide scholarships to meritorious students in the college.

Do Amity college, Delhi comes under Delhi university

No, all Amity colleges come under Amity University, It is a private institution NAAC accredited A in 2020.

Is Amity Worth and what is it famous for

Talking about life in Amity yes, it is worth paying 3 LPA to an institution of approx. 25 Acres and 22 years of excellence since 1999.

Talking about placements, I will say yes and no both as 4-5 LPA package is not that good as an average package if you are paying so much, but yes if you are a little bit studious and hard-working towards your dream then it's worth it.

Amity University is famous for its college infrastructure, its opportunities provided to students for Internships and Placements.


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