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Yes, you can get a CSE branch at 319 marks in class 12th but it is tough to get into top colleges unless you don't have any category like SEBC, ST etc.

You have to do the choice filling very wisely if you are only selecting the CSE branch in the college. If you will fill only CSE in top colleges then it may be possible that no college will be allotted in counseling so keep this in mind and choose the colleges carefully.

 I will also suggest you opt for the IT branch also, as its syllabus is similar to Computer science and also does not require much high merit like CSE.

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You can get colleges which we suggested you but not in the colleges which you mentioned .  So ,target the colleges which we suggested you  if you want to go for cse branch but its not sure till your merit rank is out . So , be ready with a backup course you want to go for .
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No, dear as the competition is very high you can not get "MAHARISHI MARKANDESHWAR ENGINEERING COLLEGE ". Please focus on the colleges we alloted you otherwise you will be unable to get a seat reserved in the first and second rounds and ultimately you have to take what's given to you in the third round . Because the Freeze /float option is not provided in the last round.
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Sir can i get BCA course in North regions colleges?
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Sorry to say bro you have no chance of getting college even if you choose civil or mech branch but, but, but if you are having category certificates then there is high chance of getting college of any stream...

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