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I talk to college principal regarding my admission cancel process .He said that you need to get NOC from the aicte as AICTE has issued NOC to the student for full and fin settlement of refunds(if any ) . i don't know what to do now please help me
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Syed, I would suggest you please don't cancel your admission now in a hurry. You should first talk with the AICTE helpline or in the office if required, about the procedures to change the university or colleges if you are finding problems in the current college.

Unless you are not completely sure that AICTE will provide you admission next year under PMSSS don't cancel your admission before that.

There is a lot of competition nowadays for PMSSS and it may happen that you don't get a college or AICTE may not allow you to fill the application form again.

You should try changing the college without canceling the admission. For this, you may have to go to the AICTE office If they don't pick up your call.

Please don't be in a hurry and cancel your admission, also tell your friends not to cancel the admission and try to solve the problem in another way. 

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