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Hi, Aryan; If by MIT and VIT you mean the colleges in Maharashtra then I am the right person to answer your question, or if Other states then please someone else mention the answer,

NOTE: My Answer is only for Maharashtra State

According to state government policy, A college situated in Maharashtra cannot have academic fees of more than 24,000/- per year if colleges have some special permission to increase fees then also they come under the same category by AICTE.

So, AICTE will be paying only 24,000/- per annum as academic fees, College cannot ask more than this from students. You don't need to pay a single rupee extra. If you are residing in a hostel and using mess then you need to pay hostel and mess fees according to the college fees.

I am assuming that other/some states may have the same kind of rules you can confirm with students studying in other states.

You may reach out to me on private messages, or comment down if you need some more clarity on this.

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I am asking about vit vellore, Mit manipal(or other campuses)
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Then I am not sure about those colleges. If there's no such rule by state then AICTE will pay a maximum of 1,25,000/- (If updated then please check) extra you need to pay it yourself.

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