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Almost every student who is going to study through PMSSS has this doubt that whether he will have to pay the extra amount or he will be able to study with the scholarship amount only.

The scholarship seat is given by the AICTE and with the proper guidelines to the colleges that 1.25 Lakh tuition fees will be disbursed directly in the college account. Though many private institutions demand extra fees it is wrong and they can not charge more in the tuition fees.

But if the hostel fee is more than 1 lakh then the student has to pay the extra amount to the colleges for the hostel and mess fees. as students only get 1 lakh for the maintenance charges by AICTE.

If the college is forcing you then you have to write a letter or call AICTE and may have to complain about the college because some private institutions do force students to pay extra fees.

Read a similar question you may get the views of other pmsss students 

If a college comes under JKPMSSS has fee more than 1.25 LPA, are we supposed to pay that on our own or the colleges have different quota for students under such scholarships?


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