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Based on your marks on the 12th board, your rank in the PMSSS merit list will be in between 2500 to 3000 according to the previous year's pattern and this year's competition.

You can get good colleges for Bcom in this rank under PMSSS also if you have a category then the chances of seat allocation increase. I have seen many students pursuing Bcom without maths in their 12th boards, so it is not mandatory to have a maths subject in your senior secondary examination.

Here are some of the Bcom colleges according to your rank and marks.

Note: These are not the top colleges for Bcom under PMSSS, they are just according to your merit where you have high chances to get a seat.

  • SS Jain Subodh College, Rajasthan, Jaipur
  • Baburaoji Ghlopo college of Arts Science and Commerce, Maharashtra Pune
  • Sri Aurobindo College, Delhi
  • HeeraChand Neemchand college of commerece, Maharashtra Solapur
  • Mount Carmel College, Karnataka Bengaluru


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