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Based on your score in 12th your rank will be between 1000 to 1500 in the pmsss merit list as this year competition will be more tough due to covid-19 and exam cancellation.

Based on your rank the most demanded colleges for BBA  under PMSSS are

D.A.V college in Punjab 

  1. It has college in Jalandhar and Amritsar
  2. D.A.V college Jalandhar has 10 seats under PMSSS for BBA so there are more chances for you to get into this college
  3. D.A.V Amritsar has only 2 seats under PMSSS for BBA
  4. It was also NIRF ranked in top 150  in the year 2021.
  5. You can also request for its college review from here https://pmsss.in/questions/college-reviews


  1. It also has 2 seats under PMSSS for BBA
  2. One of the best college for BBA with NAAC Accredited 
  3. It is spread over 30 Acres since 1927
  4. It also has a good average package

Anantrao Thopte Mahavidyalaya Maharashtra Pune 

  1. Two seats under PMSSS
  2. NAAC Accredited
  3. Not so big college with 12 Acres of land
  4. there are total 80 seats under BBA in this college 

 S.L. BAWA D.A.V. COLLEGE , Punjab Batala

  1. There are two seats under PMSSS for BBA 
  2. It is spread over 17 Acres land since 1971

Note: These college are best according to your merit in PMSSS where you have high chance of Admission.

They are not the best college for BBA under PMSSS.

Request for any college review from here https://pmsss.in/questions/college-reviews


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