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No, It is not mandatory to qualify NEET for getting a seat in BSC Nursing under pmsss. You can easily get a Nursing college with 456 marks in the 12th class. Talking about the chances there are 99% chances for you to get a bsc nursing seat. 1% is left on your document verification and choice filling. 

Your predicted rank in the pmsss merit list according to your marks and previous patterns is between 1000-1200.

Do your choice filling wisely as there are high chances for you to get a well-reputed Nursing college under pmsss. I have shortlisted some of the Nursing colleges according to your predicted rank in the PMSSS, merit list.

  • College Of Nursing, Delhi
  • University College Of Nursing,, PUNJAB
  • Desh Bhagat Institute of Nursing Punjab
  • Holi family hospital, Delhi
  • Chitkara school of health science Punjab
  • College Of Nursing Puducherry
  • Ahilya bai college of nursing Delhi
NOTE: These are not the top colleges of Nursing under PMSSS, they are shortlisted according to your rank and you have a high probability to get these colleges.

Please ask here if you want a college review of any of the colleges under pmsss.

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