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With the news of the cancellation of CBSE and other board exams, it seems that soon the PMSSS application and registration 21 22 will begin in the month of July. This time criteria might be different for allocating colleges to the students but it will be biased.

It also depends on the criteria CBSE, JK, and other boards will release the result out. As everyone was waiting for the exams only but after this news, other activities will begin soon and definitely AICTE will be deciding the rules and other scenarios before releasing the notification.

You can check a similar question from here When will the PMSSS online application and registration for 2021-2022 begin

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pmsss 21 22 registration will begin in the first week of September. AICTE has released the dates of the application form which will start from 6th september. Applicants are requested to get ready with the process and documents.
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