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Some years back, when JAMMU AND KASHMIR were in a grip of terrorism, there was very little awareness and a peak in unemployment. There came a scheme known as PMSSS which changed the perspective of Jammu and Kashmir youth.

PRIME MINISTER  SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME commonly known as a PMSSS (JK AICTE was known by many in Jammu and Kashmir ) was introduced in the year 2011 by the then Prime Minister.

1. Unemployment & limited opportunities in J&K

J&k youth had very limited opportunities for the employment sector in Jammu and Kashmir itself. They had to migrate to other cities for better jobs. Still, they could not catch up with the outer world(outside Jammu and Kashmir ) due to little knowledge, less soft skills, and outside world mindsets (especially for J&K people ).

Talking about the condition a few years back, even students don't take the study seriously, it's all because of lack of motivation among students. They have engrained things in their mind like they won't go out of the state to continue their further studies as going out will cost them huge bills that their family won't able to pay or even the family members have the same thinking like sending their child out of the state is one of the biggest fear and also the financial baggage.

2. Unawareness in J&K students 

This thinking had built because of unawareness. So when PMSSS scholarship came into existence it opens many doors for students to achieve something and become the person they want to be. This scholarship was launched under AICTE in the year 2011, so in that year as it was newly launched so people were not aware of it, and in that year only 50% of students applied for this scholarship so as the year passes the people who have gone out of the state to study under this scholarship receives many benefits as their whole college fee get paid off and they don't have any kind of stress about the fees.

3. How PMSSS Scholarship created awareness  till 2021 

Students who got benefited started believing that those who have the capability to achieve something but won't able to do that because of financial problems have a great opportunity in this scholarship, they motivated their known and then this becomes a chain and everyone got aware about this. 

Today, in the year 2021  25000 students applied for 5000 seats (almost 5 times the available seats). By this, we can assume that how students are fighting among themselves to reserve the seat of their name.

 This also arises the spirit of competitiveness among students. There were times when half of the seats were vacant but now students are doing their best to attain it and the families are helping their wards and with them in every step and also encouraging them to do better.

At last, we should be thankful to JKAICTE for providing scholarships, continuing their support in this era of the 2021 century, and understanding the situation of JK students.


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