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Sir previous year i got college but due to some family problems i cancelled my admission while i got 20k maintenance fee and college fee when i cancelled my admission Aicte told me to refund all amount whatever i got and i refunded also college administration refund all amount sir i am registering this year but portal is showing me you are already registered with the same roll no even i didn't take any benefit from PMSSS . I passed my 12th class in 2019 with 85%  what should i do now.
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Hii Syed, the AICTE should not do this, if you have already refunded the amount last year then they should allow you to apply again this year. I would request you to talk to PMSSS helpline no. and also mail them regarding your issue. Request them that you were having a family problem and have not been benefitted last year and tell them to remove your data from the database so that you can apply this year.

Try calling them unless and until no one pics the phone. Do let me know once you talk with them
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i am successfully registered now thank you so much for your support

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