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Childrens/ Minors/ Students who have unfortunately lost their parents due to COVID -19 pandemic are eligible for a special scholarship by JK governemt
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Jammu and Kashmir government have come up with a special scholarship for students/children who have lost their parents due to coronavirus. The scholarship will be provided for minors less than 18 years old.

Manoj Sinha our Lieutenant Governor of Jk has announced through his Twitter handle that in order to reduce the consequences of covid-19 impact and to reduce the health crises in the Union Territory a special scholarship will be provided to minors who unfortunately lost their parents in these bad times.

special scholarship for covid-19

Though this cannot fill the void of what students have lost, it will surely help the children to overcome the burden of their education. The tweet was done on 11 May 2021 and they have claimed for scholarship as well as lifetime pension for Senior citizens who have lost an earning member in their family.

Jammu and Kashmir has recorded a rise in COVID cases 

Confirmed cases:


Active cases: 


Recovered Cases:


Deaths recorded till now:


Please share this with your friends and their families maybe someone gets some relief in these hard times.

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