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Currently, I am in class 10th. My father is in the army and I will do my 12th class from J&K only.

What are the requirements to get the domicile certificate of J&K so that I can avail this scholarship?

Please let me know if it is possible or not.
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Yes, you can apply if you have the domicile of Jammu and Kashmir.

There are two methods to apply for the domicile certificate in Jammu and Kashmir.

1. Offline method 

          You have to visit the Tehsildar Office of your Tehsil and present the valid documents in order to get the domicile certificate.

Documents include Permanent Resident Certificate, Affidavit, ration card , Birth certificate/parent identification proof in case of minors.

Read more about documents needed here ==>> https://www.jkssbposts.com/2020/05/domicile-certificate-documents-and.html

2. Online method 

      Before applying be ready with the documents applicable.

Steps to apply :

1. Visit the website ==> Jammu and Kashmir: Official Portal (jk.gov.in)

2. Click on the services button in the navigation bar then click on online services.

3. Register yourself as a citizen if you are not registered previously.

4. If you are registered previously then simply log in to your citizen account by entering the credentials.

5. After logging in click on the E-services button on the left and click the general administration department.

6. That's it fill in the required details and submit the form. 

7. If the domicile is issued you will be notified by email if not then also you will get the notification by email. 

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