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Sir we are studying on scholarship but if government will not give us maintenance fees then how we will manage our fees ,our parents can't afford please release our second year scholarship becoz we have to pay hostel fees
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I think due to covid -19 there is a delay in releasing the PMSSS scholarship amount as they have to decide how much amount should be disbursed. Some students who are staying in hostels require more amount while those who are staying in their home and doing their online studies may get less amount.

Last semester also AICTE released only 20,000 as a maintenance allowance. They have also released a different format for the continuation forms so that they can differentiate between the students who are actually staying in hostels with the students who are not.

Hey, Nanu Sabarwal are you staying in a hostel in this pandemic? Have your college filled the continuation form for the 2nd semester. Usually, it takes 45 working days for the scholarship amount to be reflected in the account.

You can check the correct format of the continuation form here 

Maintenance Allowance Of Rs 20,000 To Be Released Under Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) By AICTE 2021


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