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From where can I check the Scholarship status for Pragati Scholarship.
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To renew aicte Pragati scholarship scheme for girls 2022, you must upload the following documents in your AICTE Pragati scheme portal.

1. Promotion certificate: It is the proof of your promotion from 1st year to 2nd year or 2nd year to 3rd year and continuous. The format of the promotion certificate will be available on the website only. You have to fill the form correctly and duly signed by the head of the institution.

2. Tuition Fee receipt: The receipt of the fees paid to the college is a mandatory document required for the renewal of the Pragati scholarship scheme. Without a tuition fee, the receipt application will not be renewed.

3. Other Receipts: Proof of other expenditure for books, some exam fees, laptop, software, any course fees should also be attached in the provided column.

The maximum size of the pdf, JPG, or jpeg should not exceed more than 2MB

The last date to apply for Pragati Scholarship renewal 2022 is 31st January 2022. 

official website: www.aicte-pragati-saksham-gov.in


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