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Hi,  it's easy to check the status of your payment on the JK AICTE  student portal you will get to know how to login into your account and view your DBT status and your payment details from the day of your joining in the college allotted under PMSSS scholarship.

Follow the steps below and get all scholarship  details on Your Fingertips :

Step1 : Open Google chrome on your desktop/mobile device and type in pmsss jk scholarship. 

Jk pmsss scholarship student login

Step 2:  Click on the First link and let the page load.  AIcte pmsss student page will open fill in your details in the following format mentioned below.  

EMAIL: Enter email registered while filling online application on AICTE PORTAL .(for eg: [email protected])

Password: your password you selected while applying online.

Fill captcha shown in Image verification.(  Side Note:  CAPTCHA filling is case sensitive ).

Aicte pmsss  student login

Step 3 :  A page showing your details address, course, counseling center, joining report of pmsss will open click on the butTon " Proceed for DBT ".

pmsss student joining report , dbt status photo

Step 4: After clicking on "Proceed for DBT " a page will open showing your academic details along with payment details of pmsss  credited into your account by PFMS verification .

Payment details pmsss continuation certificate and bank pfms credit information

If you followed the above-mentioned steps. Congrats, your details are visible to you.


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It is so easy, just go to the AICTE portal and then click the JK-PMSSS link.

You need your username/student Id /application Id and password for login and check the status. It is that username and password which you got at the time of submission or registration of the application form for the scholarship.

once you logged in, you will see your profile register on the portal. Swipe down and at the end, you will see "Proceed for DBT". just click on it. On the next page, top right, you will see "Payment details", click on it.

The whole valuable information that has been trying to see will be there.

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