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According to the previous year patterns, by observing we find that:

There are almost 22500+ students in the final merit list of PMSSS and out of which there are around 4400+ students with SEBC category i.e Socially and Economically Backward Class category.

It is a good sign that the last candidate with 12th marks 192/500 is present in the merit list. So if your marks are more than this and you belong to the SEBC category you have a higher percentage of getting in the merit list of pmsss.

Observing the merit number on the basis of 12th marks for SEBC students we get:

12th MarksMerit No.
480+Top 100

Last student with SEBC category having merit No. approx. 10900 was allotted the Pharmacy college, and the last pharmacy college was allotted at merit no. approx. 22071 out of 22430.

If it helped you even 1% please share your views with your friends and tell them to ask any question on pmsss.in so that other students and experts can help in solving their problems.

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Actually this scheme is more beneficial to those students who are having category certificates... And you have good chances of geting college...

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