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No, definitely not pmss is a scholarship provided by Ksb ( Kendriya Sainik board )  under the Ministry of defence to  wards of ex-servicemen and deceased personnel of armed forces,  paramilitary forces, and  RPF( Railway police force ).

The scholarship amount of pmss scholarship is 30,000 per year for boys and 36,000 per year for girls. One major difference b/w pmsss and pmss is that pmsss scholarship is only for  undergraduate courses.

But pmss can be availed for both undergraduate and post-graduate courses. you can know more about your eligibility here ==>> Eligibilty for pmsss along with FAQ 'S .

On the other hand, pmsss  is a scholarship only for domiciles of Jammu and Kashmir having annual income less than  8 lakh per annum. for more details check the link ==>> What is pmsss and what are the benefits .


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