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Hello i got 460 marks in 12th. But i filled very limited colleges in mock choice filling and got no allotment. Now for the provisional allotment, I have recreated the list and deleted the colleges filled earlier. I wanted to ask if we can keep editing our list after the mock allotment till the 1st round allotment or there's an extent upto which we can change our choices.
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You can do the choice filling until the final allotment list is not out. Basically they will close the choice filling two to three days before the actual list has to be out. You dont need to remove all the colleges you have filled you can add other colleges according to your merit number and change the priorities of the college.

Make sure the colleges you are filling should not have high demand such that they are taken by the students who have merit number less then yours. Read this answer and you will get to know how to fill the colleges to ensure the allotment of college. 

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