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I applied for on my own option in PMSSS as I wanted IIITs and In JOSSA counseling I got IIIT Allahabad.

Now I am not able to fill that option in the portal. My classes for IIIT Allahabad has started and it's been a while.

Help line e-mail or number, nothing is working, and I am blank on what to do. No one to get guidance from.

Kindly help me to avail the scholarship, as it would be very difficult otherwise for me.
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Please check once that the last day to upload the joining Letter and Bonafide is not over. If the.date is still not over then you should get an option to upload the Bonafide in the on my own admission. You can try calling the pmsss helpline number frequently and they will definitely pick at some time.

You should have your Bonafide ready before that.
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