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The Cut-off depends on various criteria. You cannot just simply predict it. There are 5000 seats that can be allotted under PMSSS. Our country has a reservation policy. Firstly, your 10+2 marks will be preferred, then your Category matters. In simple, if there are 1000 seats for SC/ST/SEBC, then these seats must be filled by 1000 SC/ST/SEBC  students even  students with only 50% marks will get a seat prior to an open merit general category student.

For General courses, at least more than 65%  marks will be needed in class 12th to get into a good college under AICTE Jk scholarship .
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Last year 2020-2021 the cuttof for professional degree for general category was 11500...and the total students were 22500...if having caste certificates like sebc, sc, st then you don't have to worry about college allotment even if you have 300 marks you will get college....

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