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As we all know the more beautiful thing is the more care it wants.

PMSSS is one of the most beautiful scholarships till now and students are very thankful to the government for taking this step for JK students.

No doubt application of pmsss under jkaicte is a long procedure and it takes around one month from online application form to reimbursement of scholarship in the student's account. The agencies, agents, and even colleges who know and are aware of the scholarship try to misinterpret the information and make fool of students who are unaware of the scholarship. The motive may be monetary benefits or something else but these type of practices needs to be stopped.

Initiatives of government to stop malpractices, frauds in PMSSS scholarship 2021-2022

The government knows very well that scholarship is one of the paths and has the power to lift socially and backward class people in their social and economical life.

They are continuing their support to the students of JK by providing them a lot of opportunities in the form of scholarships in 2021-2022.

Government is also aware of the frauds and malpractices going on with the student in the name of these scholarships and has also provided a warning to the student beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries.

Warning by AICTE for PMSSS scholarship 2021-2022 students

It has been reported that some institution is making the false claim and promises and sending the fake messages/ Telephone calls concerning to PMSSS scholarship and misguiding the students under PMSSS in their respective institutions.

It is hereby warned that any student taking admission in any institution other than allotted institution under PMSSS through online counseling process 2021-2022 will not be eligible for the scholarship.

AICTE will not be responsible for any loss and will not entertain any student if caught.

Warning to fake institutions, agents, and agencies by AICTE 2021

Misguiding Misinterpreting and making a false claim is nowadays a trend in the industry of Education. It has been seen that there are more than 25 universities, more than 250 institutions that have no authority to provide degrees and are running without AICTE approval in INDIA 2021.

Agents are making false claims that they will provide admission and scholarship to students under PMSSS and misguiding the students to take admission in different institutions. 

AICTE has already given them a warning and also examining the process of PMSSS scholarship very carefully.

Initiatives by JKPMSSS towards fraud-free scholarship 

AICTE JKPMSSS 2021 has initiated more than 334 online facilitation centers for students to fill their online application forms for the scholarship to avoid any unauthorized persons and help students to fall-in-the-trap of agents.

List of recent workshops conducted by JKPMSSS under JKAICTE for Prime Minister's Special Scholarship scheme students.

Recently they organized an awareness workshop on 28th September 2020 for the students of Anantnag and Pulwama.

They also conduct region-wise awareness programs in different parts of INDIA to help students few of their interactive sessions in the past years are:

  1. Interactive session at IES College of Technology, Bhopal on 10th October 2019.
  2. Interactive workshop for PMSSS beneficiaries at Anjuman-I-Islam Karimi library, Mumbai 16th October 2019.
  3. PMSSS interactive workshop at College of Engineering, Pune 17th October 2019.
  4. Interactive workshop for PMSSS beneficiaries at Shri Venkateshwara College of Engineering Banglore on 18th October 2019.
  5. NITTTR Chandigarh on 18th November 2019.
  6. Graphic Era University Dehradun on 20th November 2019.

Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal who is our current 2021 Hon'ble Education Minister of India also condemns frauds and malpractices in the education industry.

Our Central government and state government also provide full support to J&K students to achieve their goals in life.

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