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Hi Aarav sheikh,

You got a very good percentage and with this percentage, you can get into many top colleges in India under pmsss. Getting a low-ranked college is due to the wrong way of filling choices and not aware of good colleges. We will soon add lists of the best colleges in each region.

Now you got a college which is not good according to you, the possible solution we can suggest you is that , if you have the option to float the seat you can ad move to further rounds of counselling, otherwise you can drop the year as per your wish and work hard to get into a top-ranked college because a good college can open many opportunities for you.
Hope it helps.
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Hi Aarav Shiekh

If You Don't want to waste this year and want to get this scholarship then You can avail this in 2nd year under Diploma(Lateral Entry)
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I think lateral entry is for only those students who have done diploma after 10th class, not for those who have completed 12th class.

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