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The cutoff for AIMS will be the same as what NEET decides, as admission in AIMS is done on the NEET basis. You can check about how to get a scholarship for AFMC and AIMS from here.

When talking about PMSS scholarship for Army wards those who are studying in AIMS, the cutoff depends on the marks of other students applying for PMSS, though if you have more than 70% in your semesters then you can easily get the PMSS scholarship.

The only thing you should remember about PMSS is that you can apply only in the first year and there should not be any backlog in between the course.

Check the difference between PMSS and PMSSS from here. I hope you know the difference.

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When will be the exam of AIMS 2021 https://pmsss.in/793/what-can-be-the-cuttof-for-aims-in-pmss

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