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You can get the PMSSS scholarship for AFMC i.e Armed Force Medical College only after you get admission to AFMC and you also have to apply for PMSSS online counseling.

To get admission to AFMC students have to qualify NEET Entrance examination. Shortlisted students are called for the ToELR which is the test of logic and reasoning.

After that, there is an interview with AFMC and those who are selected are eligible for admission in AFMC.

Now that you have got the admission and you have also applied for PMSSS application form and your document verification is also done. You have to select Medical as your stream and upload all the necessary documents in your PMSSS portal.

You can also get a PMSS scholarship if you belong to an army background. Know more about PMSS from here.

PMSS Scholarship Scheme - Dates ,Eligibility ,Application Process , Selection Criteria

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