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PMSS Scholarship 2021 for a scholarship of 30,000 per year for boys and 36,000 per year for Girls 

How to apply, When to apply?

Last date of PMSS Scholarship 2021-22

Online Application Form and Registration

Latest updates of PMSS Scholarship

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pmss scholarship for army personal students

What Is PMSS Scholarship KSB

THE PMSS ( PRIME MINISTER SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME), which is run by the Ministry of Home Affairs, The government of India is a scholarship scheme that aims at encouraging higher executive and specialized training for the dependent wards and widows of Central Armed Police Forces and Assam Rifles ( CAPF /AR ) and State Police Employees. This scheme has helped a lot of scholars to shine bright and helped them to follow their dream careers with ease.

What are the Benefits of PMSS Scholarship

A total of 2,000 eligible candidates are benefited from this scholarship scheme every year, the number of boys and girls receiving the scholarship is equal. However, the amount of scholarship disbursed to girls is INR 3,600 per month and the amount of scholarship disbursed to boys is INR 3,000 per month, paid once a year. Further, the duration f the scholarship may vary from one year to five years depending upon the course duration.

 Adding to this, 500 more scholarships (250 for girls and 250 for boys ) are given to the wards of the State Police Personnel who are martyred During Naxal/Terror attacks from 2019-2020 onwards.

PMSS Scholarship - Selection Criteria 

Criteria for shortlisting the students for PMSS Scholarship?

Role of Army Rank in PMSS Scholarship.

Who is responsible for the culmination assortment of scholars? 

The priority is given to scholars in the following order -

Category A: The First priority is given to the wards and widows of CAPFs and AR employees who were martyred in action.

Category B: The second preference is given to the wards of EX-CAPFs and AR personnel who got disabled in action.

Category C: The third preference is given to children and widows of deceased CAPFs and AR personnel who died during their service for causes attributable to Government service.

Category D: The next liking is given to the wards of Ex-CAPFs and AR employees who got disabled while their service with disability attributable to Government assistance.

Category E: Further, the priority is given to children of Ex-CAPFs and AR employees who have got gallantry awards.

Category F: The next liking is rewarded to the wards of Ex-CAPFs and AR employees (PBOR only).

Category G: Lastly, The preference is given to the wards of Ex-CAPFs and AR personnel (PBOR ) subject to the availability of the scholarship. 

NOTE: The dependents wards of State Police employees who died while Naxal /Terror attacks will also be given priority. 

PMSS Eligibility 2021 2022 

You should be a dependent ward/widow of deceased CAPFs and AR /Ex-CAPFs and AR/ retired and serving CAPFs and AR/state Police employees.

 • You must be studying professional executive courses mentioned in the list below applicable for lateral Entry and integrated courses.

 • The minimum educational qualification to apply for these courses should be class 12/diploma/graduation.

 The applicants should have obtained at least 60% marks or above in the minimum educational qualification.

 Note: For renewal in the subsequent years, the applicants need to obtain at least 50% marks in the qualifying examination. 

List of all eligible courses for PMSS Scholarship

Engineering /Architecture courses

  • BTech (4 years) 

  • BArch (4 to 5 years)  

  • BE (4 years)

Medical Courses under PMSS

  • MBBS (4.5 years) 
  • BDS (5 years) 
  • BAMS (4.5 years) 
  • BHMS (4.5 years) 
  • BSMS (4.5 years)
  • BUMS (5 years) 
  • BSc, BPT (4 years) 
  • BSc MLT (Medical Lab Technology) (4 years) 
  • BVSc & AH (5 years) 
  • B.Pharma. (4 years) 
  • BSc Nursing (4 years) 
  • BNYS (5 years)  Doctor of Pharmacy (4 years) 
  • BSc Optometry (3 years) 
  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (4.5 years)

Management Courses under PMSS  

  • MBA (2 years) 
  • BBA (3 years) 
  • BBM (3 years) 
  • BCA (3 years) 
  • MCA (3 years) 
  • BPlan (4 years)

Professional Courses under PMSS

  • BSc Agriculture (4 years)
  • BFSc/B.Fisheries (4 years) 
  • BSc Horticulture (4 years) 
  • Coy Secretary (4 years) 
  • BSc Bio-Tech (3 years) 
  • B.Ed. (1 year) 
  • BMC (3 years) 
  • Hotel Management Degree (4 years) 
  • BPEd (1 year) 
  • BASLP (4 years) 
  • BFT (3 years) 
  • BSc Microbiology (3 years) 
  • BSc HHA (3 years) 
  • LLB (2 to 3 years) 
  • BEED (3 to 5 years) 
  • BFA (4 years) 
  • BFD (3 years) 
  • BA LLB (5 years)

PMSS Scholarship - How to apply 

Follow the following steps to Apply for PMSS Scholarship

 STEP 1: Registration on the portal 

• Visit the official website of NSP. 

• Proceed for "new registration". 

• Go through the guidelines carefully.

• Click proceed 

• Fill in the required details

• Click " register " 

Step 2: Complete application further

• Log in to the portal using your credentials. 

• An OTP will be generated on the registered mobile number for a successful login. 

• Verify OTP and change the password according to you. 

• After you log in, fill in the scholarship application form.

• Upload scanned copy of all supporting documents. 

• Finally, submit the application. 

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