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can I get scholarship for studying in integrated courses through pmsss ?
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Integrated courses are best when you want to get both the bachelor's and master degree together. In India many students pursue integrated courses and many private and government institutions provide Integrated courses in their domains.

PMSSS support only general and professional courses where the duration is usually 3 years for general course, 4 years for professional course and that only if the college is alloted to the candidate in the online counselling of pmsss. PMSSS also support national level exams like NEET, JEE, CLAT etc. where the duration of course is usually for 5 years.

Unfortunately the colleges under PMSSS do have the Integrated courses in their curriculum but pmsss students don't get to select them while doing choice filling.You can check the courses offered under PMSSS from here.

Dont know about this year maybe AICTE can add integrated courses for JK students. Lets hope for the best.


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