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Hey friend,

In this case, the following solutions are available:-

 1 .If the college is denying admission under the rules set by pmsss committee or you want to change the college , you should put a grievance and inform about the behaviour of your college to Aicte through helpline emails at [email protected],  [email protected].  Also, you can call at following helpline numbers Ph: 011-29581333,011-29581338.

Form pmsss 2020-21 you can call at ph: 011-29581043,1008,1051,1518.

(Note:- you could change the college only if you have not freezed the seat  in this scenario.)

2. Another alternative to change the seat allotted to you is that you should directly report at the aicte Delhi office and talk to the officials. They will check your reason for not taking the college and accordingly will allocate you a seat in another college. If the seat is still vacant.
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Yes, all the information provided is right.

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